Christmas buffet at Stallmästaregården

At Stallmästaregården, you can enjoy our gastronomic heritage in the historical dining hall of the Tingshuset building. Our head chef invites you to indulge in the classic Christmas buffet, where we serve everything that is associated with the holiday season - from traditional delicacies to homemade treats. We only use the finest ingredients and prepare all our dishes from scratch. Try our cold- or hot-smoked salmon from Stallmästaregården's smokehouse, pickled herring, or homemade jellied meat. In addition to the traditional flavors, we also offer many exciting vegetarian alternatives. Visit us at Stallmästaregården for an unforgettable Christmas experience!

Christmas Eve

Experience an unforgettable Christmas Eve at Stallmästaregården with our fantastic Christmas buffet, where classic flavors meet modern twists. Enjoy the historic atmosphere and create memories with your loved ones while we take care of all the practicalities. Welcome to a Christmas dinner you won't forget!

Price: 1195 SEK

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Children at Stallmästaregården

We welcome children, and offer them a discounted price:

1/12-23/12 Children aged 0-5 eat for free, ages 6-11 for 195 SEK, and ages 12-14 for 395 SEK.
On Christmas Eve, children aged 0-5 eat for free, ages 6-11 for 375 SEK, and ages 12-14 for 575 SEK.


Enjoy a classic Christmas buffet for lunch in the historic environment of Stallmästaregården.

Price: 895 SEK


Invite friends and family to Stallmästaregården and enjoy fantastic food and a delightful Christmas atmosphere.

Price: 995 SEK


Warmly welcome to an evening filled with Christmas spirit and a Christmas buffet filled with Swedish classics.

Price: 1095:-

Sundays: 995:-

Larger groups

We welcome larger groups from 15 people. For group bookings of 15 or more people, please fill in the request form below. Please email us at

Rent a private venue

Would you like a private dinner with your colleagues, friends, or family? Stallmästaregården offers four different venues that are suitable for everything from intimate dinners to large parties of up to 160 guests. Please email us at

Carl Johan

Minimum 20 pers

8000:- venue rental

Lilla Tings

Minimum 34 people

8000:- venue rental


Minimum 60 people

15000:- venue rental


Minimum 160 people

30000:- venue rental